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Envision Success Personally, Professionally and on the GOLF COURSE

I want to talk to you in a way that feels most receptive to you. And I want to talk to that inner most aspect of your mind; that brain matter most interested in hearing what I have to say. The part of your mind which you can trust to work with you, and for you, to achieve your maximum potential in life and on the LINKS. Life like golf, is a process of holding on and letting go. It feels so good to transcend to optimum performance and pleasurable feelings with outstanding thoughts.

It simply feels good to enjoy the challenge, and feel the excitement of doing your personal best. the zone

Phone coaching sessions with Dr. Silbert

E-mail and fax correspondence

Individual Sessions

Group Sessions and Seminars 

If you would like to request more information or schedule an appointment with Dr. Silbert, call 1-858-483-1430 to make necessary fee arrangements.

As a Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, Sexologist, and golfologist, Dr. Silbert specializes in treating individuals, couples & families via Therapy and Hypnosis in the areas of:

Golf Performance

Loss and Depression

Crisis Intervention

Physical and Sexual Abuse

Stress and Discontent

Developmental Issues of Children and Aging 

Sexual Dysfunctions

When you contact Dr. Silbert, summarize the situation, including relevant background information. State your concerns, including symptoms, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors involved. State your goal. Be as specific as possible in formulating your question. 

Consultation via phone, e-mail and fax should be considered to be educational in nature and should not be considered Professional therapy. The educational process is a necessary component of change. If you are in a crisis or emergency situation or you are having thoughts of killing yourself or others, this service is not for you. 

Fee is based on my web consultation hourly rate. If your question is not appropriate or is not in my area of expertise I will let you know and you will not be charged. The questions asked as part of this consultation service will remain confidential and not be posted on my web site.

To ask Dr. silbert your Fee Based question directly: Call 1-858-483-1430 to make necessary fee arrangements. Dr. Silbert answers all of the questions. Response time is within one week of query. Much inner peace and personal power and Lower Scores on the Links

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