Research indicates that hypnosis can be a very successful technique to 
enhance performance. In Golf Hypnosis for Success, Dr. Silbert your Master 
Guide, assists you on your very own personal journey, utilizing relaxation and 
guided imagery at differing levels of awareness to access YOUR powers from 
within. Hypnosis allows for the suspension of time and letting go of the 
thought bombardment of the conscious mind. 

In a reduced state of awareness, the unconscious mind has a greater 
capacity to concentrate and focus on set goals, thereby promoting learning, 
retention and success. In this more receptive focused state of awareness, 
the unconscious mind learns strategies to enhance physical performance. 

Learning strategies to Master the Mind Game at differing levels of perception 
can only benefit you, the golfer, in achieving peak performance. By listening 
to this tape and others in the series, you can program your unconscious mind 
to work on automatic pilot in a variety of situations, and most importantly, ON 

Use of Tapes and CD: For optimum results, listen to one side of the tape or CD 
and practice in a quiet uninterrupted comfortable space (not while driving). 
Levels of awareness will differ from session to session. Remember one can 
learn at a variety of levels. Chances are you will begin integrating new ways of 
being on the golf course from the very first session. However, for best results 
practice two to three times per week Although changes may be noticed right 
away, it generally takes about a month of routine practice for more lasting 
changes, with booster lessons thereafter.

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