"People feel better about themselves in golf and in life after working with Dr. Silbert." 
"Dr. Denise I just wanted to let you know that today I shot a 38 on nine, and I felt good and it felt good and it just felt GOOD. I just wanted to thank you very much because after the hypnosis session I was able to stay grounded and I just stayed relaxed and it worked, it worked all day and I felt good about it. I never shot that good before and it just felt good. I think my friends all want to come see ya now!" 
"Dr. Denise saved this e-mail that I sent her the first time I really felt comfortable over the golf shot. I have been golfing a little over a year and went to Dr. Denise in hope of inproving my golf game. I am currently a 15 handicapper and have improved over the last 6 months tremendously."  Mark Campbell (SDProductions) 
"After working with Dr. Silbert, my level of concentration and confidence has increased dramatically. I have been able to reach new levels in my own game as well as helping my student's reach new levels in theirs. "Matthew Stottern (PGA Golf Professional, San Diego Country Club)
"Listening to the hypnosis tape has helped me attain a much smoother, relaxed swing. This has really improved my game and confidence. I highly recommend this tool for improvement !" Lisa Snapp (Law Enforcement, San Diego, CA)
The Golf Hypnosis for Success CD is a great way to learn hypnotic techniques to improve focus and concentration on the golf course. Listening to the CD has helped me feel confident about the shot I'm about to hit versus thinking about technique. My scores are lower which has decreased my frustration and increased my pleasure." Lawrence Jaffe, M.D.( Psychiatrist, San Diego, CA)
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